Design 1B: Form and Meaning

Week 3


Monday, In Class

  • Week 3 notes
  • Discuss Typophoto and “Bad Images”
  • Goals of a critique
  • Project 1: Object Study critique
  • Gestalt principles activity
  • Gifs


  • Document your physical gestalt activity and finish 2 gifs (each gif should illustrate a different gestalt principle)
    1. Select a new object for the animated poster.
    1. Write a description describing the object in as clear and specific language as possible. Also describe why you selected it. (Same exercise as our previous project)
    2. Create a list of associations with the item. Brainstorm visual depictions of what you’ve described.
    3. Working at a 2:3 aspect ratio (2000 x 3000px) begin sketching five ideas for your poster. Do not start animating! Experiment with the form and think through the meanings and associations. Remember that design is frequently an addition or subtraction problem – if you’re adding anything, make sure to have intentions behind it and consider how it communicate the overall form.
  • Read Howardena Pindell: Negotiating Abstraction – Charles Gaines and write a discussion question/comment