Design 1B: Form and Meaning

COVID-19/Coronavirus Updates

For the rest of the semester, our class will continue to meet online.

The class continues to meet on Mondays from 10am to 4pm. We’ll start each session with a video check in on WebEx. Then we’ll have individual meetings through Slack. At the end of the session, we’ll have a virtual “pin up” of our work for the day.

Please make sure to check the agenda each session for notes and additional information. Our projects will be adjusted to accomodate the tools we have as a class. There will be options for completing each one and we will revise the last two projects – I’ll communicate this at the start of each check in. Your camera should be on during our virtual check ins.

Adobe CC

Adobe CC is offering free student licenses until May. Please follow the instructions below to enable access to Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal device. All class rosters have already been entered and students can now login with their

  1. Visit and enter your in the email address field.
  2. If prompted, select Company or School Account and you will be automatically redirected to the Rutgers CAS login page.
  3. Once successfully authenticated to the Creative Cloud website, browse for and download your desired app. Click Apps on the top of the page to view all apps.
  4. For more information on how to download or install apps, see Download and Install Creative Cloud apps.


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